Monday, July 27, 2009

Supreme Brazil Coffee

I have been a regular at Savour & Devour now for 5 years. Last week I encountered something that surprised me and it wasn't pleasant. They had changed their coffee! Well I can hear you now saying 'He has too much time on his hands to recognise a change in coffee' but to me it is fundamental to a good cafe.
Why change something that isn't broken as their previous coffee, Supreme Fairtrade Organic, was just the ticket.
I would like to add that after my boycott and complaints they are back with their original and so am I!


  1. I agree a cafe shouldn't just willy nilly change their coffee, at least not without prior consultation with regular customers. Taste testing could be a great way to get feedback, build customer relations, and most importantly manage that taste change.

  2. I totally agree with the above comment. I have been drinking there for 5 years and didn't drink there whilst that coffee was on the menu.
    It is basic cafe 101 to taste test your customers as they are your income revenue.