Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The View from the High Chair - Servo, Te Atatu

I had a business meeting this morning at The Servo on Te Atatu Peninsula. It's a handy location just off the North Western Motorway and there was plenty of parking close by.

As is the life of the Mumpreneur, most meetings are attended with the kids in tow and locations have to be chosen with them in mind as well. We were greeted warmly and I admired the fresh looking window counter food (and amazing looking cakes) while browsing a good, if unsurprising menu. The Eggs Benedict I decided on were more than passable (they offer smoked salmon or bacon varieties) and the coffee arrived quickly. A double marshmellow side on the Fluffies is always well received by the smallest members of our table. (Fluffy price $1.50)

Overall the View from the High Chair was a good one: Decent toy box and a small play pen (yay a cage!) as well as a kid friendly couch area. Watch the Fluffy temperatures though, they needed cooling down a bit before the kids could be let loose at them.

Rating: 3 chocolate fish (out of 5)

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