Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bean Grinding

Yesterday we were in Milford mall and decided to stop for a coffee. There are few options but decided on Bean Grinding, a cafe near The Warehouse.

There was a great selection of food - all looked fresh and delicious. I nearly got one of the wonderful looking lamingtons with the dark chocolate and huge coconut pieces, but decided on the lemon cake. We ended up both ordering the lemon cake, my friend had a hot chocolate and a flat white for me.

The lemon cake came warmed up with a little cream on the side. It had a lemon syrup topping and was delicious. The hot chocolate looked nice with a small chocolate fish on the side.

The flat white coffee... well, I cant get it out of my mind. It was hot and strong. Strong enough that I could really taste the coffee and wasn't just a short latte. Strong enough that I didn't feel the need to order another coffee, which is often the case.

So I would definitely go back, and would recommend to others. Bean Grinding - excellent food, excellent coffee.

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