Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roasted Addiqtion, Kingsland

It's weird for me to write this, as I've been amused by the Roasted Addiqtion brand for a while - the self-styled coffee dealers offer their product by the shot, gram or kilo, and living in Kingsland you get odd whiffs of their roasting beans every now and then. Not as nice as it sounds, but interesting nonetheless.

Still, as both The Fridge and Shaky Isles are between my house and their cafe on New North Road, I only managed to get in there last weekend, and y'know, was a bit disappointed. So it was a Saturday morning and they were busy, but service was confused, frantic and distracted, and by the time we eventually got our coffees, gruffly handed over by a barista who looked like she'd rather be anywhere else, our normally sunny morning dispositions (honestly) were beginning to fray.

In the cup - not the masterbrew we'd been expecting at all. Thin, spitefully acidic and worse - scalded. I'll perhaps report on the actual beans themselves at another point, as I suspect this was more down to poor handling than poor raw materials. For now though, I think I'll give the cafe itself a miss.

Roasted Addiqtion
487 New North Road

+64 (0) 9 815 0913

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