Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mazagran, Moray Pl., Dunedin

Mazagran is a bit of a legend in Dunedin. A tiny cafe (4x2 person tables) its coffee roaster takes up a serious proportion of the space. Located just behind the Rear Window of the Art Gallery in upper Moray Place, it apparently it supplies roasted beans to many cafes around Dunedin. They sell single variety beans and blends over the counter as well.

One Friday night recently I walked past about 9pm and the owner was sitting in the window, reading the paper surrounded by sacks of green beans and there was a delicious smell of roasting coffee. Yesterday I managed to get in to try the product.

And the coffee was good. The house blend had a full, rich flavour, with a very slight tang at the end - almost bitter but not. I'd liken it to a well made Havana coffee.

After 3 long blacks (which I now assume were double) on an empty stomach I was 'buzzing'. Thankfully the company was good and Dunedin treated us to a fine(ish) day so we could sit out the outside tables. All coffees are served in glasses and its a cash only place. They had a few truffles available but this is a place for good coffee not food. Also a great range of serious reading material from local poetry to the New Yorker and Vanity Fair.

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