Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nescafe Decaf Instant

Well, I get tired, literally, after drinking too much coffee so I occasionally need some light relief. All of the caffeine I intake during a 24 hour period must be bad for me. I can sometimes drink in excess of 8 cups a day.
When I feel like this my coffee of choice is Nescafe Decaf Instant. Urgh, I can hear you all say and I agree it is pretty darn disgusting to say the least but there are few alternatives.


  1. When I get like that I look to tea for answers. Either gumboot tea or a herbal tea. My favourite is trying to cut up leaves from the garden, but that takes effort, so at the moment I'm trying Elderberry tea.
    It is just a trial though as I wouldn't leap to have an Elderberry tea the way I would for a coffee. :D

  2. The Moccona Decaf is actually close to being pleasant - for an instant coffee.